Thursday, June 14, 2018

Steps to Understand Your Audience for the Ideal Marketing Campaigns

The development of an ideal online marketing campaign relies on your complete understanding of the target audience.

By now, you must have come across terms like search engine optimization (SEO), user experience, keywords, and conversion. However, you might be wondering what they actually mean, or what they have in common.

Well, the terms relate to how you can attract, engage, and win over your target audience for an online marketing campaign.

The most important thing in any marketing campaign is to identify and understand your target audience psychographic, demographic, and geographic attributes.
Apart from understanding the location and mindset of your audience, you should make sure that have all the information about their

• Interests
• Opinions
• Values, and
• Personality traits

A comprehension of the above information will enable you to optimize your content, create an impressive user experience, and design your pages to generate desired responses. Also, you will be able to ascertain the appropriate keywords and topics for you target audience, and customize the message to respond to their searches and needs.

The following are some basic steps you can use to create an ideal marketing campaign for your online audience:

1. Carry out a thorough and exhaustive market research
The best way to know about your target audience is to conduct a thorough market research. Of course the market research should help gather all the information about your audience.

Although this seem redundant, you can never know about the people you want to communicate with unless you undertake an initiative to establish who they are and what they need.

Here are some methods that you can use to collect the information about your target market and the relevant audience for the marketing campaign:

• Consult from other departments in your organization. For instance, the sales department has a lot of information concerning your customers and the target market in general.
The marketing team can assist with relevant keywords and industry trends.
• Use online tools like social media sites and consumer databases and industry report to gather all essential information relevant to the campaign.
• Conduct a survey, specifically an online survey. This can be done through email or using a wide range of applications available online.
• Carry out interviews. Whether online or offline, you can focus on a subset of your target audience, using a few potential customers.

2. Develop personas of your target audience.
Once you have collected information concerning your target audience, the next logical step is to use the information to create personas of your prospective clients.

A person is simply a profile representing the attributes, or a comprehensive picture of your campaign target audience. Do not simply build buyer profiles of your audience. On the contrary, make sure that you combine the collected information to create images that link your target audience to specific aspects of your marketing campaign.

For example, your personas can be grouped into millennial and the elderly. In these age groups you can develop further personas with particular needs and tailor your content and search engine optimization efforts to connect with them.

The personas can incorporate essential attributes of your audience including their interest, priorities, concerns, pain points and goals among others.

3. Identify what influences your target audience.
Overall make sure that you know who or what influences your target audience and make sure that your content links up with them. The influences might include celebrities, politicians, or activists among others.

Reach out to the influencers and where possible use them to promote your campaign. Of course you might have to compensate them but ensure it worth the while.
All the best in your marketing campaign...